★ Runs with DaVinci ★

Runs with DaVinci? Yes, a favorite artist of mine.

— Leonardo Da Vinci painted ‘The Last Supper’ (you know, with Jesus in it). He has a vast amount of other well known works of art as well. (sorta like my personal rendition of Mona Lisa, haha). He was a visionary and inventor as well as being an artist. Although I did not know him personally (ha) or the quality of his ethic and morals, but he created somewhat how we are intended to create and share gifts. —My love for art, Jesus and with that added ‘runs with’ because let’s face it, I can run until my feet fall off. So there you have it, welcome to ‘Runs with Da Vinci.” ♥️

♥︎ Sentiments.

If we never come to the realization that who we are is not what we do, we will forever be chasing every new fad around us. ↟ We are so much more than the certificate hanging on our walls. We are so much more than the brand of clothes and shoes that we wear, or the color of our skin, eyes or hair; yet the world around us seems to attempt in dictating who we should be. ★

In order to understand who we are, we have to exhaust all of our abilities, intellect, and self-sufficiency to face our inner self along with God & the universe. We must do this to find out the undeniable truth about our personal identity. ♥︎ I’m a sucker for cheesy analogies so with that being said—Like onions, we have many layers. Like flowers, we are to grow and bloom. We must shine bright. Shine & show all of our inner light. We need not to be ashamed of our past as it’s the path in which has enlightened our future. Each day is new, rewrite your day and abandon what doesn’t serve & nourish you. ✎

With my above statement; Let's established that our identity is not wrapped up in what we do but rather it is found in who we are through God. Therefore in order to know who we are, we must now begin to know who God is. Our past is just a path, it does not define us nor reflect our strengths or weaknesses. It’s our process in growing. Paths are mere accomplishments or setbacks towards our future greater achievements.

Speaking Light & sharing the gifts that God gave me is undoubtedly my true self purpose.  


★That Uptight BIO you’ve asked for.

Well, you’re not going to get one! I actually do have an uptight biography for those of you who think it’s incredibly necessary, but let’s be honest— it is not. Who wants to read a brag show anyhow?! I have a resume and all that but It makes me incredibly squeamish when I personally look it over. It appears as if I’m an over achieving, narcissist—and i’m not that at all. What we do, does not define us. Our life history is merely a journey, that is all.

Basically that uptight bio goes on about artistry awards, how I became a published photographer, owning a small gallery, naming all those household names I’ve worked with— yata yata, —BUT that was definitely another lifetime ago. I’m a completely different person now.

Let’s just put it this way, I’m an artist who’s somewhat nerdy, spiritually oriented, have an eye for detail and has a obsessive compulsive disorder for hoarding colored pencils.


★Those Professional References.

If it’s necessity, I have a page that I may grant access for professional references and recommendations. Connect with me if it is dire for your gallery or business. I’m happy to provide you with all the praise and structural resources.

✎ Simply this.

I'm a proud mom, Scottishfold lover, oil hoarder, portrait artist who's main motive is to speak truth in Gods light while running around with a copious amount of pencils. 

I'm eternally grateful that God gave me an eye for detail, artistic talent, & obviously of course the most amazing people that I call family. I thank God each and everyday for gracing me with each of you & for my loved ones. I'm so blessed. Thank you for your undying support. ❤

xo -- mk


As an artist we quite frequently dabble in various creative art forms or mediums. Myself, personally, have a strong pull towards painting clouds or drawing the portraits of others. Drawing portraits is my jam! Literally— I think I’ve been drawing people or faces since I was a wee little babe when peach perserves with peanut butter was in fact my jam! I use a variety of mediums for portraits but most preferably — an army of colored pencils & PanPastels.

Although I’m mainly a portrait artist, painting flowers is somewhat like meditation for me. It’s absolutely calming for some reason & I love that. Ever since I can remember, I’d paint or sketch little flowers. Primarily because they didn’t die. My mom is probably the only person who can say that this is undoubtedly me —painting flowers because they live longer. Since I was a little girl I’d paint flowers; simply I would feel unbearably sad because those beautiful smelling flowers would die. Many truths today, don’t gift me a bouquet, planters are most preferred. 

I adore painting clouds. All for the love of the voluptuous cloudy skies, that is I. I truly love painting clouds no matter how masterful or under developed they may be painted. It’s all in the movement and majestic feeling I witness when painting. Head in the clouds, that is all.

For inquiry on a personal portrait commission, contact me via the ‘connect’ or purchase in the ‘shop’. Click here to purchase directly. xo

Below are a few images of some of my work. Not limited just a few available to post quickly. I will update accordingly at a later time.